Pneumatic pump

Our light and compact pneumatic-hydraulic pump is a unique tool that can be controlled using a foot pedal. It is a solution that ensures efficiency and versatility.

Technical parameters:

-Power supply: requires air with a pressure of 6-10 BAR at a flow of 600 l/min.
-Maximum hydraulic pressure is 300 BAR, supports 1 channel.
-The dimensions of the device are 38 x 26 x 26 cm and the weight is 18 kg.
-The lifting time depends on the compressor and ranges from 90 seconds.
Additional options:

-It is possible to choose an option with two channels.
-Our pump is equipped with dry shut-off connections, which makes it an even more versatile tool.
-Our pneumatic-hydraulic pump is the perfect solution that combines performance, compactness and flexibility in one device. Thanks to it, your work will be more effective than ever

Electric pump

Our mobile workstation unit is an advanced tool that will provide you with reliability and efficiency in every task.

Technical parameters:
-Power supply: 230V, 2200W
-Maximum hydraulic pressure: 210 BAR, 1 channel
-Lifting time: 80 seconds
-Dimensions: 36.5 x 36.5 x 110 cm
-Weight: 60 kg

Additional options:

2 channel option
Dry cut-off connectors

Our mobile workstation unit is a guarantee of efficiency and quality in every task. With it, your work becomes easier and more professional.

Plastic ramps

Our plastic ramps make it easier to lift low-clearance vehicles.

-Specially designed for low suspension vehicles
-Low profile – 5 cm.
-Composition: 16 boards (50 x 50 cm) + 2 wedges, total length 2 x 4 m.
-Easy and quick assembly.
-Durability up to 9 tons/m2
This kit makes it easier to lift low-slung vehicles, ensuring safety and comfort of work.

Steel ramps

They are perfect for tire repair shops and express stations.

They are easily mounted on the lift arms.

Working range 160 cm – 205 cm

Width: 45 cm

Loading system

Innovative loading system.

It allows you to independently load each version of our lift onto a delivery truck or trailer.

Perfect for mobile websites. The set includes two handles.

Mobile system

It allows you to optimize the course of processes when performing work in bodywork and painting plants.

Simple assembly by the arms of each version of our lift is an additional advantage.

Each roller can be loaded up to 800 kg.

The set includes 4 rollers, two with brake and two without brake.

Off-road system

An additional set of inflatable wheels.

It can be mounted to any version of the lift.

It is perfect when the lift must be moved on uneven surfaces (e.g. grass).

The set includes two wheels.

Wheel stands

Steel and galvanized wheel stands are ideal equipment for body and paint workshops, but not only.

They are also very often used in the private sector.

They allow unrestricted access to the chassis and components located there.

Foil rack

They allow you to store rollers in a small space without exposing them to damage. A single supporting pole allows you to slide the roll directly onto the profile, which makes working with foil rolls much easier. In addition to standard versions for 16, 20 and 30 rolls, we also fulfill individual orders. The stand is mobile.

Heat gun stand


Our stand is a practical tool, ideal for use in the car wrapping industry and in advertising agencies dealing with vehicle wrapping. Its functionality facilitates work and increases efficiency in every professional workshop.


The light design of the stand, equipped with a comfortable handle, allows you to easily and safely move it to any place. This solution ensures flexibility and comfort of work, especially in a dynamic workshop environment.


The stand is compatible with most heat gun models available on the market. We also offer the option of adapting the handle to the individual needs and specifications of specific heat guns, guaranteeing full functionality.


Available in three practical colors: red, gray and black, the stand is not only functional, but can also be adapted to the nature of the workshop, supporting the organization of the work space.

Motorcycle platform

LIFT COVER – MULTIFUNCTIONAL SOLUTION Our additional attachment for lifts significantly expands their capabilities. It is ideal for lifting motorcycles, smaller quads, tractors and lawn mowers, making it an extremely versatile solution for a variety of applications. LIFT AND MOVABLE WORK TABLE IN ONE In addition to typical use, our overlay also works as a movable work table. This is the perfect solution for handling heavy machine components, making work easier and increasing efficiency in workshops.