Who we are?

Polish leader in the manufacture of mobile car lifts and accessories

As a Polish manufacturer, we are proud of setting standards in the industry of mobile car lifts and innovative accessories. Our products combine solid workmanship with functionality, which ensures their reliability and efficiency, meeting the high requirements of our customers.

What makes us stand out?

Discover the advantages of our offer!

Discover the unique advantages of our lifts and accessories, which have been designed to optimize your workshop work. Our offer guarantees speed, security and efficiency, which translates into better results and greater user satisfaction.

Quality and safety are our priorities!

Our lifts and accessories are manufactured using high-quality steel and are synonymous with quality and safety. Each product is carefully tested, which guarantees durability and reliability. Our structures, used by workshops around the world, guarantee solidity, resulting in full customer satisfaction.

Arms instead of ramps!

Our lifts with arms ensure more comfortable and effective work on car thresholds, offering greater freedom of action than traditional ramps.


Our lift is so simple and easy to maneuver that operation is intuitive – even a child can move it. You can even drive it under a stationary car. Additionally, the lack of the need to anchor makes it even more mobile and universal in various workshop conditions.

Lightness and solidity of the structure!

Our lifts combine unprecedented lightness with extraordinary solidity. Weighing only 270 kg – half as much as typical scissors – they can easily lift even such heavy vehicles as the Mercedes G-Class.

Power supply method and load capacity!

Our lifts adapt to your needs – we offer models with a pneumatic or electric pump for 12V and 230V to meet a variety of workshop requirements. Additionally, with lifting capacities of up to 2.8 t or 3.5 t, our lifts are ready to meet the challenges of handling both lighter and heavier vehicles.